SSC Result 2016 All Board Bangladesh

SSC Result 2016 All Board Bangladesh SSC Result 2016 published on 11 May 2016. It published by the Education board result of Bangladesh. All board SSC Exam Result 2016 published on here. In this year, SSC exam started on 1st February 2016. And the exam finished on 15 march 2016. Here is another board attend the exam. This is Madrasah board. Madrasah board exam 2016 start on 1st February. The Madrasah board result published on this day. Lots of students attend this exam. More than 15 lakhs examine in this year. All student attends by 28,590 institutions of Bangladesh.The examiner of SSC exams on 3,094 centers into 10 education board of Bangladesh.

SSC Result 2016 Education Board Result

SSC Result 2016 published date is 11 May 2016 announce by Bangladesh educational Sectary Shorub Hossain. He says that SSC Result 2016 published on 11 May 2016 with Result published tradition. Educational Ministry hand over the SSC Result 2016 to Prime Minister Shek Hasina.  After that educational ministry and other ministry take a important meeting. Completing meeting result on everywhere in Bangladesh. SSC Result 2016 also published on 11 May 2016 on education board official website:

SSC Results 2016

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) which control by Bangladesh Education board. There is two board result in SSC examination. Those are Dhaka Education Board & Madrasah Board. SSC & Dakhil result published on the same day. Dakhil exam is another name of SSC. Madrasah student called  Dakhil in their SSC level. Their exam started on 1st February on 2016. And end this exam on 8 march on 2016. The practical exam starts 9 march & finish on 14 march on 2016. The official site of SSC Result 2016 is is the main  alternative site for SSC Exam Result 2016. When the Board published the exam result. We update our site on same time.

To collect your SSC exam Result 2016 please follow and fill up the instruction:

SSC Result 2016 Published Date

SSC result publish date on 11 in may month. In a day of May, SSC Exam Result 2016 Bangladesh Full Marksheet published. After the finishing exam on the march, the student waits to see their result. They have too many ways to watch the result. I have helped you two way to see the result. In first you read the instruction to see the result by mobile SMS.

SSC Result 2016 Dhaka Board

SSC Result 2016 publish published Dhaka board official website. Education board Result also publish Dhaka Board SSC Result 2016. There are another way to see SSC Result 2016. There are From website, Mobile SMS and Android apps. It you are unable to get SSC Result using Three method. Then you may collect Result from your won Institute.

SSC Result 2016 Dhaka Board by Online | SSC Result 2016 Dhaka Board by Website

SSC Result 2016 Dhaka Board published 11 May 2016 on Education Board Result website and Dhaka board official website. education board result official website is and Dhaka board official website is When you needs see SSC Exam Result 2016 for Dhaka board you have to select following steps.
  1. Examination: SSC/Dakhil
  2. Year: 2016
  3. Board: Dhaka
  4. Roll: type your won Roll like: 458475
  5. 4+3: This is number veryfication it is dinamic and change every reload. like 4+3= 7 on blank space

SSC Result 2016 Dhaka Boad by Mobile SMS

At first, type your exam name and make space board name only 3-word space roll no and send to 16222. An example: SSC DHA 100651 send to 16222.

The other way is the internet. If you know the government URL site name. You search the site and read or fill up the information what they say. If you don’t know the site name then search any URL like. When you go this site you fill the information to see the SSC result. This information you fill like this to see my Technic.

Examination     :     SSC/ Dakhil

Year:    2016

Board:    Dhaka

Roll:    100651

4+3:    7


Follow the instruction and find your result easily. If you don’t fill up sheet like this. You don’t see your result.

SSC Exam Result 2016

SSC examination 2016 start in February 2016. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam result publish on may 2016. Many students attend this examination. Most of the student wait to attend this exam for a long time. The student should not pass their test exam on their School. And they wait for next year. In this year, 15+ lakh students participate the SSC exam 2016. In here to see how may get exam result on SSC? Here we discuss the exam subject & date on 2016.

              Subject                Code                  Date
Bangla 1st paper 101 01/02/2016
Bangla 2nd paper 102 03/02/2016
English 1st paper 107 07/02/2016
English 2nd paper 108 09/02/2016
Religion ( on your own subject like Islam, Hindu etc. ) 111/ 112/ 113/ 114 11/02/2016
Physics/ History/ Business studies 136/ 139/ 142 14/02/2016
Geography/ Business geography 110/ 144 16/02/2016
Chemistry/ Civics/ Business approach 137/ 140/ 143 18/02/2016
mathematics 109 23/02/2016
Biology/ Economics 138/ 141 25/02/2016
General science/ Higher mathematics 127/ 126 28/02/2016
Bangladesh and global science 150/ 145 01/03/2016
Accounting 146 03//03/2016
Physical studies and sports 147 06/03/2016
Bangla language and literature/ English language and literature/ Homo economics/ Agriculture etc. 119/ 120/ 129/ 149/ 151 08/03/2016

This is the sort list of SSC exam 2016. The student must be prepared for their exam. Unfortunately, you collect this routine on December 1st week on 2015. The Dakhil exam student finished their exam on same time. We think your exam is well. Now you should see your exam result. Please follow the rules what we say on up.

SSC Result 2016 All Board Bangladesh


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